Hi. This is my personal site.

I am a researcher in physics, in the department of Physics, University of Florence. I was the co-head (together with Stefano Ruffo) of the Laboratory of Physics of Complex Systems (FiSiCo) where you can still find interesting material. I am also a member of the Center for the Study of Complex Systems (CSDC - University of Florence) and the local organizer of the experiment PlexNet (physics of complex networks) of the Italian Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN).

You may be interested in my research topics, articles on arXiv, teaching pages (with records of lessons, mainly in Italian) or in other topics (say: computers, scientific coffees, world domination projects and so on).

My official page on UNIFI site is http://www.unifi.it/p-doc2-2013-200006-B-3f2a3d2c362f2c-0.html

I am the president of the Florence Science Café association

My popularization site is fisicax.complexworld.net (mostly in Italian)

This site is roughly half in Italian and half in English. Be patient and exploit automatic translations.